Service Rates

Initial Assessments

Child (12 yrs and younger); 60-80 minutes $200
Adolescent/Adult (13 yrs and older); 60-80 minutes $200


Session (individual) with Marykate Tihinen or Kara Meyer (45-55 minutes)


Couples/relational Session with Marykate Tihinen (60 minutes)


Couples/relational Session with Marykate Tihinen (90 minutes)

Session with Licensed clinician (45-55 minutes) $160
Session with Associate Clinician $140
Session with Master’s Level Intern $80

Parent Sessions over 20 minutes

(same as session fee based on licensure)

Lectures & Professional Consult

Rates vary. Please contact for a quote.



All clinicians at Unified Counseling can bill “out-of-network”. We can also check your benefits to let you know the cost break-down.

The benefits of out-of-network:

  • No diagnosis necessary: insurance companies require a diagnosis for counseling coverage.
  • Confidentiality: insurance requires a diagnosis, treatment plan, progress in therapy, access to all records and some of the information may be stored in your official medical record- which in turn could impact various things in the future such as life insurance, security clearance…etc. While therapists are bound by HIPAA and confidentiality, the overseeing organization that authorizes insurance payments are bound by less restrictive policies. 
  • You have more control and will have personalized care: by going out of network, you have more of a voice in what your counseling looks like- for example your treatment goals. If billed through insurance, there are goals insurance will not cover.