Comfortable and confidential offices in beautiful Duvall, WA.



Easy to find

Unified Counseling is located in Duvall, WA right off Main Street. Our address is 26401 NE Richardson Street. We are right across from Ace Hardware. 

Private waiting areas

We strive to keep your confidentiality at the utmost importance. At our office, we have privacy film on our exterior windows, and work to schedule our sessions in a way to avoid crowding in the waiting rooms.

Our waiting area also has water, air purfiers, comfortable seating, children’s books and WiFi. We hope our waiting area is a place for you to relax before your counseling session. We also have private, gender-nuetral bathrooms.

Comfortable session spaces

Complete with comfortable seating and age appropriate decor, our session rooms are designed to foster comfort and accommodation to support clients of all ages and abilities.

Imaginative, fun and productive play area

For children and youth, the “Play room” is a safe space to help kids feel more comfortable to talk about difficult emotions and thoughts. Therapeutic play tools and toys as well as tools to help self-sooth including fidgets, weighted-blanket and bean bag chair.